What people say about Nowhere Diary

“Nowhere Diary has been one of my favorite curation pages and has an email newsletter that I would 100% recommend signing up for.” — @coopa_j

“Kim has created one of the most immersive, densely atmospheric visual experiences that I’ve ever come across in any medium.” — @gianidp

“This has to be the absolute best page I follow on Instagram.” — @nfr2.0

“Best account ever. Period. Thank you for introducing the world to some of the most brilliant photographers.” — @mxskxnn

“This is the best photography page I have. Thought Fubiz was “the biz” but this page is supreme.” — @livebythewolfdiebythewolf

“Amazing account and beautiful newsletter.” — @jonfen

“Nowhere Diary is the best curation page I’ve come across personally. So many good photographers I’ve been introduced to.” — @bryanbirks

“Nowhere Diary. Being a part of your collection is a dream.” — @microsoftserve

What is the Nowhere Diary Newsletter?

Nowhere Newsletter is a newsletter, created by Danish photographer Kim Høltermand, featuring the work and stories of photographers, photography books, interviews and more.

What is Nowhere Diary?

Nowhere Diary originally began in 2018 as an Instagram account featuring photography in the mood of 80’s sci-fi, Stranger Things and Twin Peaks. Think mist, neon, classic cars, trieste mood and you have a good idea of the vibe Kim is curating on Nowhere Diary.

It has since grown into a huge society of photographers, a deep pool of inspiration and a well curated universe of amazing work from upcoming photographers to well established names in the industry. Kim occasionally features photography books and curate a Spotify playlist to set the mood when gazing through Nowhere Diary.

Why should I subscribe?

Becoming a subscriber means getting access to endless amounts of inspiration, photography book recommendations, interviews and much more. It also means that you’re noticing Kims hard work.