What is Nowhere Diary?

Nowhere Diary is a photography community founded and curated by me — Danish photographer Kim Høltermand.

Since 2018, I have curated Nowhere Diary and promoted the work of photographers, telling their stories and featuring their books on photography.

I wanted to create a unique platform for photography and for photographers, a place to share the many stories and memories found in photographs, a place to inspire others and a place to help the growth and development of photographers.

By promoting and sharing the work of photographers through Nowhere Diary, hopefully I am helping more people learn and discover photography in all its aspects — from everyday documenting to exhibitions and photo book publishing.

Who is Kim Høltermand?

I have been working as a photographer since 2008, where I bought my first camera and began my journey into the amazing world of photography, focusing mainly on architecture.

Around the same time I also began working as an expert in fingerprints in the Crime Scene Unit of the Danish National Police, where I worked for 9 years.

During those years I felt like a modern day Batman. Fighting crime at day and driving around, photographing at night — working every minute of my spare time on learning to master my camera and the art of photography.

Working at the intersection of architecture, interior and documentation, I have worked with some of the world’s most iconic brands including Apple, Instagram Design, Adidas and more. My work has also been featured in a long list of international magazines, books and publications including Wallpaper*, T: The NYTimes Style Magazine, AD Germany, Forbes Japan and more.

What is the Nowhere Diary Newsletter?

Nowhere Diary Newsletter is a newsletter, where I feature all the favorite bits and pieces I collect on my journey around the internet, that fits the world of Nowhere Diary. Stories, articles, interviews, photo book recommendations and more.

Why should I subscribe to the Nowhere Diary Newsletter?

Becoming a subscriber means getting access exclusive content, endless amounts of inspiration, photo book recommendations, interviews and much more. It also means that you’re noticing my hard work.

Nowhere Diary Newsletter is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

Why should I support Nowhere Diary?

If you find any inspiration or joy in Nowhere Diary, please consider supporting my work by making a donation.

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Each month I spend hundreds of hours researching and curating Nowhere Diary. I have no helpers, no interns, not even an assistant — I am a one-man band and Nowhere Diary is my love and my life.

If my hard work has made your life more inspirational or helped you in any way — artisticly of personally, please consider supporting the continuous life of Nowhere Diary with a one-time or loyal donation.

Your support means the world.

What do people say about Nowhere Diary?

“Nowhere Diary has become a large community of passionate and creative photographers/publishers etc. — you have those who follow and some who lead — Kim Høltermand’s passion for the medium photography makes him one of the people setting trends.” — Raymond Hagewoud

“If Twitter holds up (and I hope it does), you’d be wise to follow Nowhere Diary — One of my favorite feeds and a constant source of photographic inspiration.” — Andy Adams (FlakPhoto)

“Kim Høltermand’s hard work and dedication in seeking and promoting emerging photographers, developing interviews, and disseminating photobooks is highly admirable.” — Allan Salas

“Nowhere Diary has been a valuable resource for discovering emerging photographers. Reliable curation has made Nowhere Diary a regular stop to gather information and inspiration related to contemporary photography.” — Brian McSwain

“Nowhere Diary is a tender curation of diverse, meaningful work. Its reliable and cohesive selection can provide a reflective pause amidst the overflow of digital media in our everyday lives, even if for a brief moment out of one's day.” — Kovi Konowiecki

“Nowhere Diary is without a doubt the community that keeps me on Instagram and inspires me daily. Thanks to Kim’s dedication I have known many incredible artists that I love seeing and some of them have become people I really appreciate and care for.” — Alejandro Ilop

“Nowhere Diary is my favorite place on the internet and is run by the most dedicated curator.” — Anastasia Pagonas

“Kim works very hard to curate an incredible space for contemporary photography and support/inspires so many of us in a digital space that can more often than not feel old and lifeless.” — Matthew Poburyny

“Nowhere Diary has been one of my favorite curation pages and has an email newsletter that I would 100% recommend signing up for.” — Cooper Janusevskis

“Kim has created one of the most immersive, densely atmospheric visual experiences that I’ve ever come across in any medium.” — Filippo Giani

“Amazing account and beautiful newsletter.” — Johnny Charles

“Nowhere Diary is the best curation page I’ve come across personally. So many good photographers I’ve been introduced to.” — Bryan Birks

“Nowhere Diary. Being a part of your collection is a dream.” — @microsoftserve

“This has to be the absolute best page I follow on Instagram.” — Tom

“Best account ever. Period. Thank you for introducing the world to some of the most brilliant photographers.” — Muskan

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A niche newsletter about contemporary photography written by Kim Høltermand


Nowhere Diary

A niche community about contemporary photography founded by Kim Høltermand